The Glory of Claude

This may not work where you browse from: last time I tried to look at National Gallery pages — from Asia — her images came stamped with an obnoxious machine-generated stamp saying “National Gallery” right through the center, an internet equivalent of a single-finger salute to the ingrate colonials. But give it a try all the same, for if it does work, it is well worth the surf: here the painting whose extract you see above can be seen in all its glorious detail (by using the enlarge control on the right).  And, if you happen to have one of those newfangled 4 x 6 foot screens, it can be seen in full.  (What a strong reason to go out and get one now).

Anyone who has ever lived by the sea, knows mornings like this:  hazy, hot, and so bright one has to avert his eyes.  Claude is the only painter who has ever managed to capture this atmospheric effect with such convincing verisimilitude:  one squints when gazing at this painting.