Talking about Siddharta

I have been re-watching Siddharta, which has been a very satisfying experience; and following its reviews in the press and blogosphere, which — has not.  Surely, a better review can be written?   Surely, something more intelligent can be said about the work?

(The only one I liked was this:  a French politician reviewing it on his blog.  He’s got nothing to say about it, but, hey, when do politicians have anything intelligent to say?  Should they not stick to saying nothing about ballet, then?)

I tried saying something intelligent about it here last night, but this morning, upon rereading it, decided to take it down for a rewrite and — more importantly — a rethink.  Some questions need to be addressed:  why does one write a review in the first place?  And — are there limits to what can be said? (There is a reason why dance teachers… gesture).  And some of the things I was going to say in my article — upon consideration, I am no longer sure that I want to say quite that.

Perhaps this is the main problem with the reviews (and all reviews in general):  writing is easy (you just press one key after another), but denken ist schwer.